Tears of Christmas In Memory of Heidi

Memories of years gone by
We see our children there
Heidi filled with happiness
Scott with so much flair

Going off on Christmas night
To wait for Christmas dawn
Waking up to find that Santa
Had been there by the morn

Tree all dressed with glory
Cookies and milk was gone
Both of them so happy
Rubbing eyes with yawn

Santa had been there that night
It always was so true
Scott and Heidi running
Scott was tearing through

All his gifts he opened
With speed beyond compare
Heidi smiled and very gently
Opened hers with care

Eyes were bright with happiness
Each child so filled with glee
Every special gift received
It made them so happy

Glory of these days
They remain within our hearts
They never never leave us
To us they are a part

Memories we've gathered
Each Christmas we were blessed
Children who were so adored
Life for us the best

Going off to Grandma's
Another Christmas treat
When all of us would gather
Traditions blest so sweet

Each one of us so happy
Who knew that we would be
Sharing all our days now
With memories sadly

Our Heidi in the prime of life
She left the earth one day
In just a blink of teary eye
Her life was gone away

Sorrow fills our hearts today
Such emptiness within
Lost our Heidi in a breath
How do you begin

To know this sorrow and this pain
It comes to you each day
Little things around the house
Mementos that will stay

Oh our heart it grieves us so
Our child we'll never see
Walking in a wedding dress
Or kissed by her family

We try to muddle through the hurt
With memories of good times
But tears fall down upon our face
As emotions seem to climb

Our son a blessing always there
Our family still arrives
But Heidi's chair is empty now
As tears do fill our eyes

Each night before I go to sleep
I look up in the sky
I always know my little girl
Is always standing by

But deep within the hurt so bad
Each one of us do grieve
We want to have our Heidi here
But silence we perceive

Yet in our hearts we hear her laugh
We see her smile each day
Walking in and saying Hi
In her most enchanting way

Christmas day has now arrived
Another year gone by
All of us will gather here
As tears do fill our eyes

We say a prayer and hope she knows
That on this earth she lives
Within our hearts forever there
The love that Heidi gives

Each day we always miss her
But Christmas not the same
For in our hearts a special voice
It echoes once again.

Merry Christmas Heidi
Love Mom, Dad, Scott and Family

~ Francine Pucillo ~


My sadness seems reflected
In the music that I hear...
Every young one's glowing face,
Reminds me you're not here.

Shoppers crowd the festive stores,
emotions all run high,
This world I was a part of once,
Seems to pass me by.

This season's meant for happy times,
For love, warm hearts, and cheer,
But grieving families around the world,
Remember those not here.

We struggle through the season,
Lighting candles to proclaim,
Our children aren't forgotten,
Round the world our candles flame.

I slowly pass through the gates thrown wide,
One clear, cold Christmas day,
No toys or gifts do I bring,
Those are gifts of yesterday.

I carry with me just a polished heart
That is granite made,
And walk with grief to where my child lies,
In a silent silvered glade.

"Merry Christmas Love" I whisper,
The quiet words seem so forlorn,
"I've brought my heart for you to keep,
My gift, This Christmas morn."

"It is filled with all my love,
Though this one's carved of stone,
I'll place it here---it will be near,
You'll never be alone."

Please keep my gift, beloved child,
Close to where you lie,
And know my love surrounds you,
Until the day, I too shall die.

Author Unknown














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