Even being all grown up, Scott and Heidi still loved their Easter egg hunt on Easter morning.

It was something we looked forward to and shared since they were little.

They would hunt for their Easter baskets, and if they had friends over, we would make Easter baskets for them and they would do the same...enjoying that little bit of child we all have in us forever.

Brandon...I am sure that you can remember sharing in our Easter morning fun!

We would then have our traditional large breakfast then go off to Grandma's for Easter dinner. We would have ham, potato salad and all the trimmings. I had Easter dinner here a few times, and enjoyed it with all of my heart.

These are a few pictures as our Scott and Heidi got bigger...still doing the Easter egg hunt...something we will never forget.

I believe this is you Brandon in the back...hunting for eggs!


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Judy & Paul

Heidi's Mom & Dad Forever)