Elvis was a joy...he was fun, a lover and was so
even tempered.
He was around 14 years old.
Elvis lost a tooth about 6 weeks or so ago...
we watched him and he appeared to be just fine.
We went on vacation (camping),
Scott would come out and take care of the cats
for us while we were away.
Then this past Thursday Scott called us and
told us that Elvis wasn't acting good at all.
We decided to come home Friday morning so
we could tend to him, and make sure
he was alright
When I got in the house I called his name and
he didn't answer...I was panicky.
We found him laying behind a chair close to the wall.
We picked him up and he barely responded to me.
I called the vet and she told me to bring him in
immediately. We raced him in and they looked at him
and said that he had been sick for awhile,
but sometimes cats don't show it till the very end.
She told us that the best thing we could do for him
at this point was to have him put asleep. He was
old and there was nothing they could do for him.
I don't think he ate the entire time we were gone,
because he was so thin. So...we had to stop his
suffering. With all of the pets I have had I have
never ever had to have any one of them put to sleep.
I trembled and cried and held him while they gave
him the lethal injection. He purred so weakly until
he finally drifted away. I have been heartsick
and still keep crying especially when I see his picture.
Elvis was very special to me. When I decided to
get a Maine Coon kitty, I waited until
the breeder's two best Maine Coons were to breed,
and I wanted a male kitty. He was wanted and
loved for his lifetime.
He was just such a good boy, and I had always
anticipated him going camping with us when we
managed to get a larger trailer.
Boo, and Sadie and Regis are just clinging to us
right now and I know Boo keeps looking for him...
they played all of the time.
When he was a little younger, Elvis used to jump
on the back of the couch and give back massages.
He loved to chase a feather on a stick.
He was a little gentleman. He was such a lover.
He loved loving us. He was a true beauty.























Elvis and Regis (Theodore in the background)



Elvis and Sadie




Elvis and Boo




Elvis and Sadie in window






We took this picture of Elvis right before we left for vacation. He was half asleep.


















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