This is Marina's little niece, named after her.

Marina never got to see baby Marina



The ground is wet
the skies are gray
My sweet little angel
has flown away....

The ground is wet
From the tears I shed
I go to sleep, wake up
with this pain in my heart....

Please tell me,
What happened that day
When two of God's Angels
came and took you away?....

And now you are resting
In His sweet loving arms
sweet angel of mine
Marina.., my child...

The pain gets heavier
as time goes by
I missed your sweet face
you laughter, your smile...

I miss your embrace
the touch of your hand
The look in your eyes
to assure me that everything is well....

The father wanted
his sweet child back
and here I'm sitting
with this pain in my heart....

I'm also waiting
for that glorious day
when God calls me home
and ends my pain....

Together again
in His loving arms
my baby and I
with God and his love....

Rest in peace
my sweet angel
until we meet again
your mommy....

written by your mommy

Our sweet angel
It's been three long years without you,
without your sweet smile,
your laughter, your love,
your sense of humor,
your ability to make us happy,
and most of all your presence,
your beautiful face, your heart of gold.

On Sunday, October 26,2003,
we celebrate your life and remember your departure from this earth,
to move to a higher place called PARADISE with Jesus and His beautiful mother Mary,
which I'm so proud to have her name.
I pray to them every day, to hold you tight in their arms, until our time comes to be together again.
Rest in peace sweet daughter, twin sister.
Your family loves you very much and you are always in our hearts & prayers.
with love always,
Heartbroken mom, your twin Georgia, your brother Nicholas, your dad Dimitrios your step-dad
Richard, and your step-sister Tina.
We all miss you terribly and love you very much


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