Whenever I see clouds I think of my beautiful 

 Angel Heidi in heaven...I picture her

 beautiful face smiling  down on us...always ready

 to help us in our moments of need. She is waiting

 for  us there in heaven...forever young...forever

 beautiful. She is "My" keeper of the stars...

"My" brightest star

in the sky. 

This is the original poem written for this page by Francine. When I wrote to her for permission to use the poem, she wrote the poem following this one for Heidi and I. Thank You Francine...from the bottom of my broken heart, You are so kind, and such a good friend...an angel here on earth. love, Judy

Times when we are burdened
When we feel so alone
Our spirit is just hurting
We need a place to roam

Look up to the heavens
Within the clouds you'll see
The portrait of an Angel
God's gift for you and me

Her gentle touch will reach you
She's there for you today
The beauty overwhelming
The mist of sweet bouquet

An angel sent from heaven
Who rides the clouds above
God's special little angel
Perfection of His love

Waiting for the moment
When you will call her near
Clouds that now surround her
They all will disappear

She's there to give you comfort
To chase away the fears
To let you know God's beauty
Her smile for you appears.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©used with permission
 Read more of her poetry here:


~ Dear Heidi ~

Today a tear was in my eye
I saw the clouds up in the sky
My thoughts of you return to me
My child I miss you terribly

Remembering is all I do
I want to kiss and hold you too
Each day I feel my heart will break
I just can't seem to loose the ache

I sing a song and think of you
My days are long and always blue
I see your smile the one you wore
Tears will rush like waves on shore

Each day I try to make it through
Thoughts they just remain with you
My little girl who I adore
Want to hold you just once more.

~ Dear Mother ~ 

Mother you are in my sight
I'm reaching for you every night
Wings are wrapped with so much grace
Know that I have touched your face

I'm right her mother in the sky
Although you see a cloud roll by
My eyes look down on all I love
Prayers and smiles from up above

I feel you sadness see you weep
This my promise that I keep
I 'll always be there by your side
Kiss away the tears you've cried

Your special angel high above
Holding you with so much love
Smile for me and watch me fly
I'll never ever say goodbye.

~ Love Heidi ~


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Love you Francine


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