Its really hard for me to grasp that it has been 7 whole years since I held you and saw your face and heard your laughter and your sweet voice, Heidi. It doesn't seem like it has been that  long, but the calendar is telling us that it has been. We have grown older, but you will always remain 21 years old...that's how we will always remember you. There is never been a day that Daddy or I  don't think of you. I think that will be forever. The tears and pain will never go away...not until we are all together again. Sometimes we see someone who reminds us of you and we cant stop staring
, and wondering what you would be doing now. I always think you would be married with children and just know the fun we would be having. Daddy and I do things, and always think what it would be like if you were would make it a lot more fun. You always made things more fun with your funny antics and fun loving always made us laugh and always made us feel young. If we went somewhere and you weren't at home, when you got home You always called and said you would meet us where ever we were. We really enjoyed that. What a nice feeling to know your child wants to spend time with you. We remember when we used to go to Friday's and we would see your little head bouncing in above the divider near the door, and we would always smile. Or when we would be at the Road House eating dinner and you would come in and say you weren't hungry but I gave you most of my meal and you ate it up like you were so hungry. You always loved the big picnics we used to have here...we haven't had any picnics since you have gone. Things are different. Things will never be the same as they once were. Dad and I get kind of lonely sometimes. I sometimes just get so sad and my heart screams..."I want my Heidi back!" If only my wish could come true...I would do anything to have that wish come true. Life just doesn't seem fair. I will never in this life know why God would have taken you instead of me. You had so much to give. You helped people when they were down and were a shoulder for so many to cry didn't even let your own personal problems get in the way of helping other people. I think about our dreams a lot (I shouldn't)...but, I will never be the Mother of the Bride...Ill never be a very important person in anyone's wedding, and never give you the wedding I always wanted. Because I had such a small wedding I was going to give you the fairytale wedding. The wedding every girl dreams of...Daddy will never be able to walk his daughter down the isle, and most will never have that day...that beautiful day that you deserved. You would have been such a very beautiful bride, and you would have had the most beautiful children...our grandchildren that we always dreamed of. Lets face it...that's every parent's dream. My goodness...Daddy and I would spoil grandchildren to pieces! So whatever the reason...we just have to go on with our lives the way that they are. We just try to hang on to our memories . Sometimes that just doesn't seem like enough anymore. We see no way that our lives will change. I miss you so much, my Heidi, I ache for much that sometimes it feels just unbearable.

You completed me......

Love, Mom

The song on this page says it all. I loved you from the minute you were conceived...and my love will continue for Eternity!!!


Whenever I think of our family, it is always Paul, Judy, Scott and Heidi...not four people but one thing. That will never change for me. It is who we are...even separated by space and time we are still connected and will be for all time.

We miss you so much, Heidi, but you are still with us..."the family". I will forever be your Daddy, and you will be forever my little girl. And one day we will be all reunited.

Love for all time, Daddy




Heidi's Love

I see your face within the sky
The light will always shine
Upon my heart you always live
Your spirit dwells in mine

I feel your lips upon my cheek
Your kiss forever stays
Your laughter lingers everywhere
It echoes through the days

A portrait of the love we shared
Is always next to me
Within my heart I'll hold it close
For all eternity

Seven years since you are gone
A time of grief and woe
For now you're but a photograph
Of happiness we show

Yet I know you're next to me
I feel your spirit glow
I whisper can you hear me now
As gentle breezes flow

You walk with me through every day
I carry you with pride
For your were all the joy I knew
Through life's most endless tide

I wear my heart upon my sleeve
Whenever you are mentioned
I feel the tears fall down my face
With sadness such dimension

Within my heart you'll always be
The one who gave such meaning
And still I feel the weight of love
Upon my heart still leaning

You'll always live within the heart
That gathers tender blessings
For you are still a part of life
That capture dreams expressing

Your beauty lives on endlessly
Through each and every day
These the joys I always keep
To know your love will stay.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright September 26, 2007
written exclusively for Judy
for her Beloved Heidi

Today I brought you roses
The gift that's from the heart
A mother's love is endless
Although we are apart
Forever you are with me
Within my heart you stay
Each day it just gets harder
What can a Mother say
I long to hold you close now
To feel your breath on me
Like when you were a baby
My comfort endlessly
How sweet the smile that lingers
How sweet the breath you gave
In whispered words of laughter
These treasures I shall save
For though I cannot see you
My heart in life I share
With moments that I gather
In every precious prayer
I hold you close forever
I feel your love each day
The days in life a journey
But you're a step away
Upon your grave a token
Of what you meant to me
The velvet of each petal
Your touch felt endlessly
Within this life I measure
The steps in life we shared
They disappeared too swiftly
My heart was not prepared
I see you for an instant
That flash of light is gone
I travel on in silence
Awake to each new dawn
My pain could fill an ocean
With waves that crash to shore
Each crest in life a tribute
I could not love you more.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright May 14, 2007
(Written exclusively for Heidi)




There are 45 pictures in this applet...make sure you watch it all.

There are a lot of new pictures...some old...some new...

I was so blessed to have such a beautiful child...

if only for a short while...






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