Princess was so unhappy when her Heidi left,

She wouldn't come out of Heidi's room or out from underneath Heidi's bed

for about 6 months. It was horrible. She would only come out when no one

was around and she would stand by the door and cry so sorrowfully.

Very slowly she came out and started to trust me.

I had become her new friend.

She was alright, till I went to Florida with my friends, because

 they thought it would do me good after losing Heidi.

While I was gone, Princess didn't eat.

When I got home we tried to nurse her back to health,

but on the day before Mother's Day in 2002 (May 11, 2002) she passed away.

She thought that I too left her and that was just too much for her to bare.

She was going to be with her Heidi and I could only be

happy for her, because she loved her Heidi more than anything else.

She knew she was going to be with her...and she did.

We miss her...



Princess with Heidi once more




Princess and Sadie



Princess in Heidi's wreath






Princess and Heidi playing






Princess so pretty




Princess in her pretty pink scarf
















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