Theodore was a dear kitty...he thought he was a big Tiger!

He didn't back down to anyone or anything.

I got him at a cat show and he looked so forlorn,

and I was concerned no one would buy him, so I did.

Theodore didn't know how to meow or do a lot of things,

but his buddy Regis showed him all the good and not so good

things to do.

He was always hungry and would eat anything,

and he was always so thin.

I think that there was always something wrong with Theodore,

so we gave him extra love.

He is a year younger than Regis. When Theodore left us,

Regis was lost. He really has missed his buddy.



Theodore and Regis were inseparable




Theodore sleeping with Heidi's lamb




Theodore was always cold and loved the fireplace




Theodore didn't like his bath





Theodore pretty





Theodore and Regis talking a nap





Theodore and Regis relaxing





I think Regis is telling Theodore something





Sleep well precious Theodore. We will always remember and love you


















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