Thank you Francine for giving me this wonderful song called "lulajze". It is a song that my Mom's sisters  sing in Polish on Christmas Eve.  It is very special. 


Today at work I received a very special present from a very special friend. Marge was leaving my salon and popped back in with a beautiful white poinsettia.  After she left, I looked at the gift card included with the beautiful plant, and it read "In Memory of Heidi". That plant means more than I can say. Thank you Marge...for remembering my Heidi.


 Paul had a very special gift yesterday. When he was waiting for me to get home from work, he was setting the table for us to have dinner, and he just looked up, and he had a sighting of Heidi. There she was right in front of his face with her favorite hat on!  It only lasted seconds, but he had a visit from our precious daughter Heidi...(Merry Christmas Daddy). December 11, 2001.  This was the anniversary of my Dad's heaven date...He has been gone for 36 years. I miss you Daddy. 


Thank you so very much Sue for putting Heidi's picture on Bob's memory tree. This is so very special.


Thanks so much for this darling teddy bear for Heidi. I know she loves it!


Thanks so much for this beautiful ornament for Heidi. 



much love and understanding,Kelly Berrigan "Because of one angel, we began. Because of many angels, we continue."copyright Kelly Berrigan~1997 See the rest of the quilt here:

Go here to see the entire quilt.


Thanks so much Sandra...this is so beautiful!


Gathering God's Blessings
She sends them from on high
Love that falls like stardust
Cascading from the sky

Feel the beauty enter
Like song with gentle sigh
Hearts of love rejoicing
As wisps of winds go by

Moonlight is upon you
Sky is soft tonight
Blessings by the handful
Touched with stunning light

Kissed by love and stardust
Within your heart now blend
Love for one another
This season's greatest mend

Hark the Angles singing
Hear them way on high
Sending prayerful wishes
This love you can't deny

Wishing all sweet happiness
With love that has no end
Hands all joined together
Let's let the peace begin.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
2001, used with permission


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