This is Heidi & Mom on Christmas Eve...Heidi's  very first Christmas.

This is Scott & Heidi decorating Christmas cutout cookies.

Christmas with Grandma Reed

This is Heidi rolling out dough for Christmas cutout cookies.

Heidi with her Christmas dolly


Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa Reed's (Steve & Scott in the background)

Heidi & Scott...waiting to open those presents

Scott & Heidi

Little "Miss Fitness" on Christmas morning

Scott & Heidi decorating the tree for the first time. Before this, Santa always did it.

Christmas dinner at Grandma & Grandpa Reed's.

Heidi, Mom & baby Bradley at Grandma's

Our Christmas morning breakfast. Brandon shared Christmas with us that year. (Sorry about the candle, Scott)

Heidi and Brandon on Christmas at our house.

Remembering Dad Reed at Christmas

Remembering Grandma Reed at Christmas

Remembering Dad Shafer at Christmas

Our very last tree that we shared with Heidi

You will be with us at our hearts...forever

We love you so very very much!



Thank you for visiting...

Judy, Paul, & Scott

Heidi's Mom, Dad, and Brother Forever


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