Heidi Our Angel
Always Watching Over Us


Remembering the Day That
You Were Born, Heidi


That Beautiful March Day
That You Came Into Our Lives and Captured Our Hearts Forever


March 19, 1979
The Happiest Day of Our Lives


October 28, 2000
The Saddest Day of Our Lives




How can I even put into words the ache I have for you in my heart, Heidi?

The need I have to hold you in my arms and tell you again that I love you...

the need to hear you laugh, and see your beautiful smile.

I go through your pictures...from when you were

born till the day you were taken from us.

Tears fall freely down my face.

I love all of the pictures, and although they make me

smile, my heart aches so for you.

I just try and get through every day without you, but its not easy, Heidi.

I still think of you every day, and there has not been

one day go by that I haven't cried.

I still write you a letter every day...pretending that you are still here.

Sometimes I talk to you out loud,

but I try and do that when no one else is around.

The laughter has gone out of our lives, Heidi...and the song has disappeared.

Things are just so different now.

But how could they have stayed the same? Not now...not without you.

I want you to know that our love will never fade for you, Heidi

And I will keep your memory alive every way that I can.

Its hard to really realize that you are 26 years old now, Heidi.

Where has that time gone? Somehow I just can't picture you older.

 I guess I will always picture you as 21 years old. You will always be beautiful,

and so full of life.

I don't know why every Birthday seems the hardest to get through.

It just seems like I need you more and more.

I picture you now, running in fields...carefree and happy.

You are our beautiful Angel. In my heart I do know that

we will be reunited one day, and then we will never be apart ever again.

I will love you eternity, Heidi...with all the love that a

Mother could ever have for her child...the unconditional love,

the undying love that will last for Eternity.




Birthdays In Heaven

Are there birthdays in Heaven?
Does the angel blow his horn?
Announcing to everybody
That this is the day you were born?

Can the stars be your balloons
And angel food your cake?
Presents wrapped in moonbeams
All the angels helped to make.

Birthdays meant so much to you
They were always a big deal
Birthday presents, lots of friends
And perhaps a special meal.

So I'll whisper a little prayer today
Asking everyone up above
To sing you a Happy Birthday song
And give you all our love...

For Eternity,   Mom, Dad, & Scott

~ Author unknown~





Your Light Will Forever Shine

One day that now seems so long ago.
I was given the gift of you.
A precious gift of life from Heaven.
Oh my love had already grew!

Now, I sit and think about the days
Oh the wonderful days back when.
You would rush through the front door
and say Hi Mom, I'm home again.

I think about those prom dresses;
Oh you are such a beauty to behold.
I shared the dreams of your future.
and saw each page unfold.

A beautiful angel & beautiful child.
Oh my hearts aches so much.
If I had known that you'd go away ...
Oh I would have held on to your touch.

Oh, I never dreamed that I would be
a Mom with empty arms this night.
I long to just reach through the Heavens;
Grab hold to her & hold her tight.

I know that I will miss her forever.
And oh yes, it hurts me so.
I do have memories of her to cherish.
But ... I can't ever let her go.

I hold her pictures to my chest,
as the rest of the world sleeps.
And every day since the day you left,
finds me once again as I weep.

People tell me that you're here with me.
But this I can't to understand.
And, even if these words could help me.
I still want to hold your hand.

If I live to be a hundred years old,
I will be in mourning still.
And, when we reunite in the Heavens ...
Oh what a joy we will feel.

So, my precious daughter, my child.
Look through the skies this night.
Take my hand & lead me to understanding.
And once again, your light shines bright.

For you will forever be special to many.
And ... forever be that child of mine.
You may not be here to reflect your glow ...
But through me ... it will forever shine!

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2001
Dedicated to Judy
in Memory of Heidi




This beautiful white dove was named after and for my Heidi

by a wonderful friend, GG. GG raises doves and loves and cares for them

like beautiful angels. I am so touched that she named

this very beautiful dove after my Heidi. Thank you so much, GG.




~ Dear Heidi ~

Today a tear was in my eye
I saw the clouds up in the sky
My thoughts of you return to me
My child I miss you terribly

Remembering is all I do
I want to kiss and hold you too
Each day I feel my heart will break
I just can't seem to loose the ache

I sing a song and think of you
My days are long and always blue
I see your smile the one you wore
Tears will rush like waves on shore

Each day I try to make it through
Thoughts they just remain with you
My little girl who I adore
Want to hold you just once more.

~ Dear Mother ~

Mother you are in my sight
I'm reaching for you every night
Wings are wrapped with so much grace
Know that I have touched your face

I'm right her mother in the sky
Although you see a cloud roll by
My eyes look down on all I love
Prayers and smiles from up above

I feel you sadness see you weep
This my promise that I keep
I 'll always be there by your side
Kiss away the tears you've cried

Your special angel high above
Holding you with so much love
Smile for me and watch me fly
I'll never ever say goodbye.

~ Love Heidi ~

~ Francine Pucillo ~

written in loving memory of Heidi



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