I sit here and I wonder...

what would be things be like if you were still here with us, Heidi...

would you be married? Would you have children? Would you still be at home,

or on your own? Its hard for me to believe that you are 25 years old today,

Its hard for me to believe it will be your birthday and you aren't here.

I took the day off work, because its just too hard of a day for me.

I will get up and arrange your flowers that we will take to you

at the cemetery...I will go there during the day, and again when Daddy

and Scott get home from work. I will blow up balloons that we

release into the heavens for you. We got you a beautiful cake...

it says "Happy Birthday Heidi"...its chocolate with

 chocolate frosting, just like you like.

It has beautiful pink roses on it for decoration.

 We will have your favorite dinner which is ham. We will cry, sit and reminisce,

it will be a hard day, but we will celebrate your life. We had

a memorial put in the paper, as we always do.

We will miss you with every beat of our hearts, and every breath that we take

 as we always do, Heidi. But this your Birthday will

be harder. Its always harder on this day. The day that God gave

us a beautiful miracle...you.

The saddest thing I have ever seen is my son standing

at his sister's grave.

These are pictures from last year...

Mom taking your balloons out back to release them to heaven

These are your balloons released

This is a poem sent to me by a very good friend...for your

Birthday Heidi...

Dreamt Of An Ocean, Deep Blue And Hazy Green
Embraced in Stars, The Brightest You've Ever Seen
Lost In Its Splendor, I Wandered Out To Sea
Searching For You Whisper To Set My Sad Heart Free

And Then From The Heavens, Doved A Single Light
A Tear From You Eyes That Had Journeyed Through The Night
Reaching The Ocean A Pink White Lotus Appeared
I Stepped Inside And Fell Asleep As Dawn Neared

When I Awoke I Was Far Out To Sea
Lost Amongst The Waves, No Sight Of Thee
And Though My Heart Wept, A Second Light Arose
Another Tear, Another Light, A New Day, A New Hope

Written by WhiteHawk

Thanks WhiteHawk...from the bottom of my heart.






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