In Imagining Horses



As I am taken to standing with horses
as we are grazing in our tranquility
As I am taken to pastures of green
as green as the emerald isle itself
As I am taken to watch the sunrise
as beautiful as any Hawaiian splendor
As I am taken to look for rainbows
as though through an English mist
As I am taken to running with horses
as though Vikings attacked our hooves
As I am taken through hills and dales
as picturesque as the Scottish moors
As I am taken where horses gallop
as northern lights dancing to whistles
As I am taken to run in majestic waters
as thunderous as those Niagaras
As I am taken to now watching with horses
as our tomorrows become our today
As I am taken to valleys canyon deep
as to remind me of my spirit that's this strong
As I am taken to faerie lands beyond time
as horns appear gossamer as any angel's wings
As I am taken to remember this and all beauty
in imagining horses I am imagining you

inspired by angel Heidi
and written for her beautiful mother Judy
by Morrigan






ęDanny Hahlbohm ~ used with permission

name of painting is "Like The Wind"