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How Do We Say Goodbye?

Heidi was unique~~~a mix of many things...

love, spunk, attitude, always ready to tackle anything, 

and did it with all she had!  

She made us laugh, cry,

worry, and she made us proud of her too!  She was

always busy...even as a baby...she was curious,

and not afraid!  She spoke her mind, and didn't

beat around the bush!  If she liked you...you knew it, and

 if she didn't ---you knew that too!

She always wanted to help people...and if she could,

she would!

When she loved you, she loved you totally~

and strongly!  She was a very thoughtful

young lady.

She had a mind of her own, and was very 

strong willed.

She loved to run and dance!  When she listened

to music, she couldn't sit still...even when she was driving

in her car!  One time She and her Daddy came

to pick me up from work, and while they were

waiting, she had the radio going in the car...

and there she was...dancing in the parking

lot!  To watch her was so wonderful!

She made her Dad and I feel young...

She did that by just being around!

She was catchy!  Her laughter was like listening

to music for us...

Her beautiful long hair was like silk...

and her capturing big brown eyes were like

beautiful pools of warmth!

She was a hard worker, and if she had a 

job to do, she did it well...she didn't just do it

to get it done...she did it well and thoroughly.

Her smile melted your heart!

She loved animals, she loved warm weather,

and the sunshine.  She loved to swim, and loved 

the beach.

When she was only a couple of years old,

we put water wings on her...and there

she was...jumping off the diving board in a big pool!

Some people didn't understand Heidi, and

faulted her for her courage and openness.

She was a young woman, but still she was a

child at heart.

She did so much in her life...its as if she

had to pack it all in.  If we live to be 100

years old, we all will be lucky to have done half

of what Heidi did in her short life.

She had quite a sense of humor, and could be a

real clown!  She always liked to make

everyone laugh! Sometimes she had us

laughing so hard, that we would have tears

running down our cheeks!

Her family I think was about the most

important thing to Heidi!

Family always came first.  She loved

traditions~~and we had quite a few...

even some silly ones!  But those were all very

important to her!

Heidi always liked a challenge, and wasn't

afraid to tackle anything.  She would be angry

with her self if she wasn't successful!

And she never gave up!  She was good at

track, and soccer, and did well at both!

Heidi was a beautiful young woman...

on the outside, and most importantly...

on the inside.

How do we say goodbye to someone that

was such a big part of our lives?

Someone who her Dad and I brought into

this world and loved with all of our hearts

and souls!

Your child...a baby---dependent on you for

everything...the one who you try and teach, and

the one who you are always there for...unconditionally!

When your child that you love hurts...you hurt worse!!!

When they are sad...Your heart aches!

Their every need is far more important than

any needs of your own!

You spend your life loving them with all of

your heart...when they are happy, you are


How do we say goodbye?

Your life is so full of loving them---and then in a matter

 of seconds, they are taken away from you!

And you are never going to see them again!

How do you handle that?

All of your dreams, and your expectations

are taken away!

Your future has changed!

What has happened here?

Tell me...how do you cope?

How do we say goodbye?

Some people say, "move on--get on with your

lives"!  Are they crazy?

They have no idea of this pain!

And they don't know how much they hurt you

when they say things like that!

Don't say you understand~~~Not unless

you have been here!

Nobody could ever understand unless they too

have lost their child!

To lose a child is as if someone tore

out your heart and stomped on it!

And there is a hole there, that never will

be filled!  No One can take your child's

place!  Nobody!

We will grieve the loss of Our child

until the day we die!

How do we say goodbye?

Please don't cringe when we talk about

Our child...we love to talk about

"Our Heidi"!

She is worth talking about and remembering!

She was "Our Baby"!

She was a very big part of our lives...

A wonderful part of Our lives!

Don't be insensitive to parent's who loved their

daughter with all of their hearts!

How do we say goodbye?




We would give our lives in an instant

if only we could give Heidi her life back!

Her Mom & Dad



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The midi is ęBruce DeBoer, entitled Sweet One.  It is used with permission. You may visit his wonderful site where you may even purchase CD's by clicking right HERE.