First, I will introduce myself. My name is Judy

and I am a hairdresser by trade.

I have done this work and loved it for many years.

 I am now retired, and I decided to do

something different...web pages and graphics.

 In October of 2000,

I lost the most precious thing that

 I ever loved in my daughter Heidi.

The devastation

 is beyond words.

I so desperately want to keep my

 precious daughter's

memory alive, that I came to the

internet in search of a way how.

 I first had her picture put on another site...

then I started

fooling around making web pages for her.

At first I wasn't too sure of what I was doing,

but I kept it up trying to learn

and to eventually make my own graphics.

That's where it all began.

I now do Memorial web pages for

parents who have lost a child...

that I do in memory of my Heidi.

 The first page is free if you have no

other pages already for your child,

then because it has become an expense

that I need to  pay for, the pages after that

I will now

have to charge for. The previous pages that

I have done

for loved ones will not be changed...

they remain free of charge, except for

a small hosting fee. 

I spend a lot of time and put a lot of compassion

into every page that I create.

I will do pages for any kind

of need, be it a Memorial,

 or anything that you want

(excluding any kind of pornography).

The prices and all that they include are listed below.

I  will make all the graphics especially for your needs,

unless you have graphics of your own

that you want me to use.

Take note that there will be no pop up ads

or ads of any sort  if you want the page listed on "God's Angel's"

(except for my graphics at the bottom of each page)

 on your page or pages,

as it is privately owned by me.

Pricing is done on a per page basis

I am charging for the money I have to spend on buying

materials, software, and precious time.

If these are memorial pages, they are only 

a donation of $50 (American money) a page,

and that  includes special graphics

of your loved ones.

I will control and manage your domain for $10  donation (American money)

a month if you want me to...

(If you have a private domain).

If you plan on being on God's Angels...

I expect a fee for the hosting

(I have to pay for the domain,

and the monthly charge for the web host).

I am sorry about this,

 but this is a small portion of what

 I pay to keep these sites going.

I have a private domain and am

charged monthly to keep the domain going,

 plus the monthly hosting fee.

You will not have any advertisements

on your pages.

So if you want to pay me monthly

or yearly that's fine.

 Just remember that after the

year is over, as long as you want the site going,

you have to help keep it up.

I would love to be able to pay it for you,

but I can't.

I will keep your site updated and will upload any

 graphics that you want.

I am not in this for the money...

I am doing this because I know what its like

to keep a loved one's memory alive.

 I put my heart and soul into these pages.

If you decide you want me to do your pages

( I would e honored)...

Just let me know by filling out the form below

or e-mailing me.

I become really involved with the children

that I make pages for

...none of them should have died...

Prices for Special Requested Graphics 

will be discussed as requested.










To view sites that I have made please click here:

 Missing Heidi  and  Gods Angel's

Note: All Pages must be paid for in advance. Plus

 at least one month of the maintenance.


Please  Fill out the order form here: ORDER FORM

Personal checks accepted

(You must e-mail me for my address

after you decide on what you want...

your page will be displayed after your check has cleared.)


 If you would like to make a donation to help me with my new business,

Please click the Pay Pal Donate Button Below. Thanks so much.

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Meet my Angel Heidi:

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