~ Heidi's Light ~

We light these candles for her
We'll always see her flame
The love that burns so gently
Is done in Heidi's name

Each one will glow forever
Eternal love we send
Upon this earth forever
The flame will never end

Each flame of love is burning
With sweet and gentle glow
The beauty of her softness
The love we'll always know

Our angel up in heaven
That fills the sky with love
Her beauty now returning
On wings of God's own dove.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

The names of the people who have lit candles for Heidi

are under each candle.

To light a candle for Heidi, just e-mail me by clicking my

signature below and I will

see to it that your candle is lit.


Thank you for lighting these candles,

and "Remembering Heidi"...it means so much to know that

you also keep her in your thoughts.

A parent's worst fear is that their child will be forgotten!

These candles tell us that there is some people out there that really

do care.  Thank you for being one of them...


With all our love,

Mommy & Daddy


With all my love,

(your brother) Scott



All Our love,

Grandma & Grandpa Luna

Brian W. (cousin)
with love

Amy W. (cousin)
with love


Joseph & Carollee (cousins)
with love 


Bill & Heidi A. (friends)

Sue ( Angel Mom friend)


Aunt Carol Sue & Uncle Marvin
 with love

Kaye Des'Ormeaux (friend)

Cliff M. (A friend in heaven), and his Mom Elaine (friend)

Fran Fetzner (friend)

Barb E. (friend)

Chris Fraser (friend)

Morrigan (Angel Mom friend)

Judy & John H. & family (friends)


Tom, Cindy, and Jackie (friends)

Ann Louise B. (friend)


Lori & Denis (cousins) with love

Bradley J. (cousin)
with love

Emily J. (cousin)
with love

(A friend in Heaven)

Anna ( friend)

Barb K. (friend)

Wendi B.


Becky & Jeff Nelson (friends)
they included this poem..:

.For Heidi:

Could we ever forget your sparkling eyes
or the way you brightened each day,
or your smile which is etched in our memories,
so you're never far away?
Could we ever forget those priceless moments?
The answer, of course, is never.
For you were part of our lives for a brief time,
but you'll be part of our hearts forever.


Dana F.

Chris M.



All of Heidi's friends at the Longhorn with love, who think of Her often: smile and laugh.

Nancy ( Angel Mom friend)


Sandy & Frank G.
with love (friends)

Melanie Rosseland (friend)


Tom & Linda K.
with love (friends and cousins)

Jennifer Rosseland 


"Heidi wherever I stand on Earth, and you in Heaven, We are standing right beside each other I Deeply miss you and Love you, Pooh" 

Eric Rosseland 

Amy M
with love (friend)


Lori & Matthew Clifford
Parents of An Angel Friend


Bonnie Stephens grandma to a Angel James.

Terry Ann Fielding

Robert James Bowman

Love, Betty Grandma to Daniel and Jeremy

from Jason Dunn

Ann Louise

Elizabeth in Australia.


love and best wishes to you all
From Elizabeth Owens in Australia

My heart and prayers are with you. Paul McCutcheon

Fredia Christopher

May God's loving arms surround you.  Lisa Wier"


love,  Elaine Tassara and Angel Michelle

Healing Hugs,

My thoughts and prayers are with you. D. Combs San Antonio, Texas

~ Francine Pucillo ~


Heidi's new angel friend,
 Neil Akers


Aunt Ginny & Uncle Joe with lots of love

Heidi's new angel friend,
 Mike Mullins

Aunt Bonnie with love

from Rose Mary with love


Aunt Becky with love

Josie Casshone (friend)

Joanie (Ricky's mom)

Chris Martin (friend)

Shelli Cullimore 

.....for Gods Beautiful and Special Angel. from Marguerite Costanza, Angel mom of Anthony and Christopher. 


Betty Carter

With sincere love, Debi

Marcus Moses.  (friend)

from Julia and Alexia in Alabama

Tom, Cindy and Jackie

Jackie & Angels...Michelle, Jerry & Danny


Janet, missing Mandie

Love & thoughts, Cecilia A. Tabacchi


In memory of

Nina Mariam Al-Misnad
Born Oct. 14, 1981 ~ April 22, 1999

Tasha Mclaurin

Chris Martin

A Dear Friend

Gramma Karla

and my angel baby grandson, Brayden.



With love for Heidi and her family, Paula

Sharon and angel son Brian
 My thoughts & prayers are with you

I did not know Heidi but we will meet one
day in God's glorious Home!
Kathy Irwin

lots of love, Katie 


Beverly Mobbs

Ann Louise


With love, Gigi




Love, Brittany (Krista's Daughter and Angel Mom's Granddaughter)


Rose Mary & Tony

Shirley & Angel Krista

A 2001 Christmas candle for Heidi

love, Paula


From Carole Dumas Angel Mom Friend and from My Angel In Heaven David Jeff Beck born 9-20-77 went to heaven 9-12-98







"Remembered at Christmas and into the years to come".


God Bless YOU and your family. Love Tom&Linda

        for Heidi, From, Josie, Rosie and Chris

May Heidi's Light shine on forever...
Angel Laura

hugs sandy

May God bless you and yours with peace. Luv'n prayers, Angel Gram


ALL MY LOVE, bonnie angel

hugs and love,, Mimi

Christine and her angel Jacob

Your light will always shine.
Hugs Angel, Hope (Heavens Angels)

With Love From Angel Mom Georgie King
    And Your Heavenly Angel Friend Jeffrey Ola

Saralyn, Mom of Angel Robbie

Walk in Beauty,
Lady Wolf

from Deb...with love

Hugs, Marie

Much Love,  Traci

(hugs) Angel Elaine

memories last a lifetime, you gave that to your family and friends -- with love



This little candle shines As bright as the stars above, A birthday gift for Heidi, Sent with all my love. 

Happy Birthday from Marian in England.

A candle that will never burn down....Will always be in our
hearts...Happy Birthday Heidi !!!!!
Love, Chris M.

God Bless You, Janet Missing Mandie And All Our Angels

There is a special and oh so bright star
shining in the heavens !
With love from
Mary Alice

In Memory of Allen T. Brantley my brother 9/2/64 ~ 4/6/97.

Vickey B. Thomas

Robin, Eric & Jesse

my prayers are always with you

 god bless angel sandy lov

With Love, Sprittsup

All my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours!

Angel Aunt Lynn


"Remembered with love on your birthday"  'Gigi'.

Judy aka Feisty^1

Soaring High Soaring Free... I now have an angel watching over me... In Loving Memory Of Heidi... Love, Patricia

Happy Birthday Heidi


"Happy birthday Heidi"


Janet Terry     Edgewater  


I will remember Heidi forever...

Shalom and love in Christ,

Tina Marie

Love Kylene

I Love You All, Your Friend In Christ, Huggs, Geneva


Your neighbors,
Judy, Gary, Jaime, Kelly and Kristen Fritz

Deb (an angel mom)

Love & Kisses Mary

"To leave behind those you love is not to die"
Kanthi from India


An Everlasting Glow
A Tribute To Heidi
From Someone She Did Not Know
Nell Harwood

May God hold Heidi in His powerful and loving arms forever, God Bless,  Cody

I light this candle in memory of Heidi and her family.

Mother of Angel Kirstin
August 11, 1990


Bright and shining star above
Your loving light casts such a happy glow
So dearly treasured by family and friends
Your memory will forever live on in the hearts of those
who knew and loved you
and by those, like me, who never had the honor of
knowing you but love you and remember you just
the same..
Keep sending those moonbeams Heidi...
And...angel kisses too!
Lori Meitzen
Oshkosh, WI

 May your light always shine bright In the light of day or in the dark of nightMay you always have your candle burning bright.

Irene    Dustin's  Mom  
 In Memory Of Dustin

Angel Hugs,


AmyDove Bradley

She married into our family on  May 12, 2001
She became our  angel  on 1-12-2002
She was more loved than she ever knew



 May god bless you and your family.
Best regards
Angelika Weinberger from Vienna in Austria

LOVE,  Mary E. Dowling

Maggie mom to angel Krystal. I will see you beautiful girls one day. I hope you can feel my hugs to you.

Much Love Heidi, Soon All Those Who Love You Will Be With You Again. A Grand Reunion In Heaven  Is Just Around The Corner. Nell Harwood

From someone Heidi did not know.
In Memory of Heidi
Love and hugs

with love,   Ann Louise

In Memory of Heidi. today and always.

Your memory will always live on. 
God bless
Angel Laura

Our beloved Heidi,
You have been gone from us
for two years.  The pain of your passing
seems like just yesterday.  We remember
you always.  On this your Heaven date we
want you to know that you are always with us.
I know Heidi that you and my dad are together
just waiting for the rest of us to arrive someday.
all our love
Joe, Carollee, Amy & Brian

I pray God will hold you in His arms when you cry. ~Robin

"In Memory of my friend, Hayes Kent" 

 Kate Clark, Somerville, TN

Nancy Hammer

Tina & Rebecca

With love, Bea



Suzan (that's me) Reinier (hubby) and Eliza (my daughter)from the Netherlands


Hugs, Angel Marie Hawkins


Heidi may your light always shine.
Becky & 'Angel' Krissy

With Love,
Jackie Bartels

Tammie Lynn Lantis

Angel Jason and His Mom, Ann

in loving memory
of your Dear Heidi
from an Angel Mom
and her Angel Friend

Ann & John

Scottish Rose


Judy C.
warm thoughts from Tennessee

June Hatfield
Mother of Jason 26 yrs
Mother of Heidi Christina Oct 20, 1977 to March 21, 1979
Mother of Robert Allen  March 4, 1980 - September 20, 1997
Mother of Michael 21 years


A candle for Heidi in heaven,  and one to warm and comfort the hearts of her family and friends here on earth.Hugs,Paula


With Love,



with love, Tommy, Melinda and Madison

With heartfelt Love~Roma


with love and hugs for you 


there are many of us out there who hold you all in our hearts and our prayers.
God Bless and many hugs,
Anne Goodrich


jan allinger

from an Angel Mom
and her Angel Friend

in memory of Heidi on behalf of the Middlesex Public Library and Paula Wheeler.

I light this candle for Heidi to remember her for you.  Christine Barton

Jim  from Scranton Pa.



God Bless you 
Love & Hugs Sally (Sleep)




A Candle In Remembrance of  Heidi
May she be in Heaven protected by God.
Heidi is an Angel. God Bless Her

Dina, Bill, Jonathan, David and Adam Draper


Heidi, Give Billy My Love and take care of Ricky for me till I get to
heaven. You're such a beautiful Soul in Heaven. Judy Green

In loving memory of Heidi 

from another grieving Mom

 (Angel Shelly)

shauna boggs,

 mommy to baby angel friend karson rebecca


Donna Adkinson

Cheryl in memory of her Dad, Don


Michele Dobbs

Chelsea Dunn

Gregory Jason Christopher Dunn


Love, Ann Louise


From Tammy mom)
Lisa, Casey and Chelsey

I'll meet you in Heaven!   Joyce C. Lock

Menashs, Wisconsin

In memory of Heidi.  

God bless you and your family always.


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Candy Ballard

A friend of Laci Peterson and Conner who are in heaven right next to you, Heidi.  I will be there also, to meet you someday.

"An angel for sure"


Gina Neill

Phyllis Prestridge.....Moss Point, Mississippi

Bobby Williamson

Marcelline Hill
I have never met you Heidi,
But I somehow feel a great loss
for never having known you.
I am sure that the wings of every
Angel in heaven are wrapped
around you with Love.
(a friend from Bolingbrook, IL)

Meghan in Scranton, PA.

Willard Turnbow, Jr.

Phyllis  Lasley - Furkins, friend in heaven and Kathy Price May thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Gail from New Jersey

With fondest memory,

Ann Louise

This is to celebrate your life Heidi. Your memory lifes on.


Kathy--Kristie's Mom Forever

Love, Ann

Jason's Mom Forever


Our Gift From God

With warm regards

Ruqi Patel

Remembering Heidi at the Holidays- and
thinking of Kris Rodland -her favorite time of the year 9-2-65 - 2-28-86

Mickey and Bill Rodland

Merry Christmas Heidi...        Maryann Marie Faucher

A tribute to the love that binds two living beings......

Much love and support is always sent your way.

Cheri McBride

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."
- Mark Twain

Heidi,  Please give Gil a kiss and hugs from us. Til we all meet again in a better place...Memories of you both live forever in our hearts. With all our love, Diane  Viera and Family

"In Memory of Gil  Corvese"   Rhode Island

All my love and prayers For Heidi and Judy,

Linda (An Angel mom)

Her radiance will glow for ever amongst the Heavens.

Chris Martin

In memory of Heidi and my loving husband, Bob. We will be together in the end.     Love,   Carol


May God Be With You & Your Family. In memory of my daughter Tabetha Doty.
Trish Turman ,Waco ,Texas

in memory of Heidi and my dad from Diane and Alexandra

Heidi, you are one of many Angels who occupy a part of my heart.  ~valentyne~ lang.

Heidi you were always a beautiful (DAUGHTER) for your MOM & DAD and your pictures that your MOM sends to me are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful like you. I would (LOVE) to wish you all the Best up in Heaven. I know that I don't know you (BUT) I love you anyway as a great friend just like your Mom as always been for me. Love Mary

P.S We are ALL thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers.


Heidi we will (NEVER) forget you, you will always be in our hearts for ever my LOVE Mary E. Dowling from Bordentown NJ

Don't forget my soul is near you,
And so we'll never be ap

 Love, Pat

"Here is a candle to add to Heidi's path of eternal light"

Love from Elena

Our children gone but not forgotten….I light this candle tonight in memory of your daughter Heidi and my daughter Jodi Ann. Their light still shines, it's one small star to guide us, and it helps us hold back the dark, Their light is forever shining in our hearts

Jodi Ann 1-15-70 ~ 7-22-97



  Love in Christ

  Tina Tiffany


with all my love, from a Angel Mom..........Huggz, Tina- Angel Johns Mom



Heidi may you sleep with the Angels" hugs and God Bless Judy, Cody


Our children gone but not forgotten….

I light this candle tonight in memory of your daughter Heidi and my daughter Jodi Ann

Sending you love from one angel mum to another and wishing you strength, Marianne, Rashid's mommie 

Tammy Hill

Kay Chamberlin

Renton, Washington

With all my love and devotion to Heidi, a very special angel in my heart and soul, and with many prayers for Heidi's family on her approaching 26th birthday.  May God bless you, Peggy and my Angel Jill.

This candle will burn for Heidi and my Michael.   Love,Carol

Happy 26th Birthday Precious Heidi
This is a wonderful page of love and
light to FOREVER keep your memory
alive.  With so much love, Peggy and
my angel Jill

I love you precious Heidi.
Thank you for being a part
of putting your awesome
Mom in my life. Your light
will FOREVER shine.
With much love, Peggy Rozell


From My family and I and our angel Brandon. Susan and John Sharpe - kids Alexis, Benjamin & Stephanie and Angel Brandon. Knowing your heartache! feeling your heartache! We love you Angels! All of you! Your daughter is beautiful!


God Bless May she rest in Peace.


Heidi B

Thinking of you dear
Heidi - as I always do.
Your light will FOREVER
shine.  Rest in peace sweet angel.
With much love, Peggy and Angel Jill

Heidi I lite this candle on your Heaven date May it burn Always In your Memory 10-28-05 With our Love
Georgie King Angel Jeffery's Mother

In Loving Memory
Tara N.Swilley
(Your heavenly friend)

Dear Heidi, I am thinking of you on your Angel Birthday.  Have a very lovely birthday in Heaven. I am thinking of your loving Mum Judy who loves and misses you very much. Gentle hugs. ChrissyAngel Mum of Anthony, two Angels in Heaven.

Heidi, on this your 5th angel date, I lite this candle in most special memory of you. You are my special angel, along with my angel, Jill. I love you Heidi and you are NEVER to be forgotten. Your spirit lives in the hearts of many. With much love, Peggy Rozell

Thoughts are with U always Heidi~ XOXO

Betty "Tommy's Mom"

Dear Judy since I was last here to light a candle I have lost my precious daughter Becky and my husband Ray they are now with Dustin in Heaven . May your Heidi's light always shine as I wish that for my 3 angels now . May the Good Lord Bless
And Keep You in His
Loving Grace
Wife To Angel Ray


Stopping by to visit my very special angel~Heidi~ who has touched my life in more ways that I could ever put into words!  I love you Heidi, and I so much wish that I could have met you personally, but I know one day I will and at that time, it will be forever!  With much love, Peggy

Remembering  a child who is in heaven under Gods protection

A beautiful child Heidi


Ruqi (Friend)

Heidi will never be forgotten.
Paula Wheeler
Administrative Assistant
Nash Soil and Water Conservation

A candle for Heidi.  All my love and prayers to you dear friend in grief. 

Please light a candle in memory of your beautiful daughter Heidi for me.

I too have lost a daughter and know how difficult these anniversaries are to get through.

My thoughts are with you .

                                                      Sincerely June Burley

Love & Hugs...

A candle for Heidi. All my love and prayers to you dear friend in grief. Some club we have here, isn't

it. God bless you and may He grant to you some peace of mind and heart.

Karen Lyn Jenkins
Mother of an Angel with Pink Wings
^i^Geoffrey P. Edwards^i^

With love,

Aunt Patty and Uncle Bill

Heidi-Trissie a friend in heaven and her Mom Carolyn

With all of my love,

Kaye Des'Ormeaux


Heidi will never be forgotten  she will be  in my heart  along with my (LOVE & KISSES & HUGS). Heidi I want to (WISH) her a very Merry Christmas for 2006 and Heidi will always be beautiful (ANGEL) to all of us from deep down in our (HEARTS & SOUL). Love  Mary E. Dowling

Dennis JR.

Love,  MOMMY

 Donna Woodard
Bushnell, Fl.

Remembering Heidi and wishing a Merry Heavenly Christmas !  

Love and God Bless ,  Lori


Diana and Ashley

Love and hugs,

Donna-Corey's Mom
In Loving Memory Of Corey and Michelle James


Kim (e-Angel Mom)



   Thinking of you today and always. Watch over your loving mom for she is such a wonderful blessing in my life and I am glad that we have come to know each other. Sending love and hugs to you, Corey and Michelle. We carry our love for you in our hearts for all eternity. Love,


Shane (angel friend) and his Mom , DJ
The greatest wonders man can build
Will all in time decay
But the wonder of a Mother's love
Will never fade away~~~
As long as hearts remember
As long as hearts still care
We do not part with those we love
They're with us everywhere

http://l4jesus.com Lighthouse 4 Jesus (memorial site)

May God bless and comfort you dear friend in grief. How much we
miss our children!! Life is just not the same without them.
Karen Lyn Jenkins
Mother of an Angel with Pink Wings
Geoffrey Philip James Edwards

Love and prayers

Ann Dimler


You have created a wonderful memorial for your beautiful daughter.  The love you feel for her just spills out of the pages.  I can’t begin to imagine how broken your heart is, but please know that there are people out here that share the love of our children with you. 
Take care,
Nancy Harris
Odessa, Texas

May this candle continue to burn bright in memory of Heidi. with much Love Monika

 Josh Mom

Hugs and very best regards,

Gail Clark and Family

Fredonia, NY

With Loving Thoughts and Prayers, My Parents, Bob, and Helen Are With You, I Know In My Heart As Well As My Little Brother Johnny, You Are All Angels Of Our Lord,
Bobbi Jo

Carolyn & John

Beautiful Heidi,
Holding you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you a most blessed Easter celebration in Heaven with all our angels.
Donna-Corey's Mom


You are in our prayers, you have such a beautiful daughter, I know her light will shine forever. God bless each and every one of you.

Cherie & Ken Wages -

Friend of Tabetha Doty & Trish & Danny Turman

May your light shine brightly Heidi for you and your family always.
God Bless You,

Dolly Leenheer, friend of Lori (bret)

(I am happy for Heidi in her New Life!)


May Heidi be blessed in heaven. 

Ann Louise Bitzer

Love, Tommy

My thoughts are with you.

Hugs June Burley

Judy I would LOVE to light another candle for HEIDI to wish her a very special LOVING from all of us that (LOVES) HIEDI soooooo very much and HOW we all miss Hieidi. Heidi U will always be in my HEART & SOUL and never be (FORGOTTEN) U will always be our very special (BEAUTIFUL ANGEL) in our (HEARTS). LOVE Mary from Bordentown NJ. Mary

love tommy

I hope Heidi is happy in heaven and she is an angel who is taking care
of other people.
Dick Amsterdam Holland

I have viewed your website while looking at the website for the Geauga Medievil Faire. Heidi's picture jumped from the page at me. She was so very beautiful. My heart goes out to you, having lost someone so special in your life. Your website is beautiful and I would like to light a candle for Heidi.
Caris in Ohio

My thoughts are with you and your family in remembrance of your beautiful daughter, Heidi.
Hugs June

 An Angels Touch...
Dare to Dream
An Angel feather fell
to earth,
And rested on my hand;
Its message only I
could hear
To clearly understand:
"You have a dream that's
in your heart,
You hope it will come true;
To make that dream reality,
Will depend on You."
"Believe that dream is
yours to take,
And strive to make it so;
Have Faith, an Angel
guides your way
Wherever you may go."
with love,
Sharla Marie

Light a candle for us in Heidi's memory. She continiues to shine in the beautiful memories you have brought to us all of her.

In Christ Love,
Buck and Denise

To a sister in grief Alan's mom    
In memory of Alan W. Gatley
August 10, 1974-- January 31, 2004
My soul, My son, Myself

                                                                                                                                           Hi just want to light this candle for such a beautiful daughter. Oh
Heidi you are so beautiful. like an angel. love you lindajoeysmom

Just wanted to light a candle for Heidi. My heart hurts for you and your family.

A daughter is a special part of all that's cherished in the heart. Until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.


Cindy, Erica and Kendyl.

Lighting a candle as dear Heidi's Heaven Anniversary is fast approching this year .
To a special Angel that is so loved and dear
May Judy and family always feel her presence near
To show one and all how much we care
Let her light shine true and brite
All thought the long and lonely night
A shinning star of heavenly light
Such a beautiful site
Written for Judy and Heidi
With much love
By Reeny Fitzer

Dominick Salamatin

Happy holidays in heaven sweet Heidi.  We know you are one of the angels looking down and watching over us.  We feel safe knowing that you are protecting us............but wish you were still here on earth with us.

Love & Hugs..

JoAnne & Lloyd

May GOD hold you each and every

day till you see your mom again.

With Love,

To the most beautiful angel in Heaven... fly Heidi fly!!!!! 


"Sending you much love:
Guy, Radha and Rose"
Thank you,
Guy DeAngelis

Angel Hugs to Heidi and family

From Janine Villela-Gillen

In loving memory of Erik Villela-Simone

Would you please light a candle for your baby girl for me. She is sure smiling down on her mom and guiding her through this life.....Love you Judy! Cheri McBride xxxxP.S. I remember when I was about 7 or 8 years old, my grandpa bought me a book entitled, "Heidi" which I still have! If I had children, my lil girl would have had that name!

Di and friends and family

Dancing In The Flame
Though I am tired and weary,
My eyes continue to weep,
And my heart denies me the comfort,
That I find only in my sleep.
So I sit alone in the darkness,
Before the firelight,
And stare into the flames,
On this dark and moonless night.
As the flames leap and dance,
I am surrounded by an eerie sight,
That evokes haunting memories,
Brought to life by the fire's light.
My thoughts take me back,
To a time when you were here,
To times when laughter filled my heart,
Times lost forever, I fear.
In the flames, I see  your face,
Your sweet and loving smile.
And I know that we will meet again,
But I must wait a while.
These quiet moments of reverie,
Bring comfort to my aching heart,
And tell me that you and I,
Are never far apart.
Now my heart begins to lighten,
As sleep arrives to claim,
The pain I felt just moments ago,
Before I saw you dancing in the flame.
Jacquelyn M. Comeaux
Copyright 2001


Thank You for visiting...

Judy & Paul

(Heidi's Mom & Dad Forever)









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The midi is Rainbow, ©1999, Bruce DeBoer, and used with his permission.

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