~ Our Precious Girl ~

A year since you have gone away
I think our hearts will break
We want to have you close to us
This sadness won't abate

Our very precious little girl
With so much love to share
We see you in each memory
But know that you're not there

Our hearts are filled with agony
Our souls they truly ache
We try to get through every day
Hope that we will wake

To find our precious Heidi 
Right where she belongs
Days are long and sad for us
Or sadness just prolonged

We see you in our daily life
We need to have you near
Know that you are gone from us
A parents biggest fear

Today we write these words of love
To let you always know
No matter where we turn around
Your love will always show

Sending you a message now
With love that rings so true
Our life will never be the same
Our hearts forever blue

Let us feel you next to us
Each day on earth we spend
Our very precious little girl
Our love will never end.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

(Written for Heidi for her one year heaven date)

Being Reminded Each Day 
(of that day) 

Being reminded each day of that day 
is a pain that many live through. 
Losing a child hurts like no other hurt. 
Surviving is not an easy thing to do. 

I, too, dread to see the sun rise tomorrow. 
My heart tells me to just sleep through the day. 
But nothing will erase the agonizing sorrow 
that I've known since you went away. 

Oh how I've longed to see my child again. 
To look into your eyes once more. 
To know what you would have contributed to life. 
To see what avenues were yours to explore! 

Now I dread for "that day" to arrive. 
And I know how other mothers feel. 
That day draws nigh for her to cry again. 
And that terrific pain is just as real.

Kaye Des'Ormeaux 


A Special Corsage for Momma 

I send you this special rose 
to go in the corsage your wear. 
I know it has wilted a bit. 
But I know that you don't care. 

I planted the flowers just for you. 
I fertilized each rose with love. 
This garden of roses I planted for you, 
grows in the Heaven's above. 

I see other mother's with a corsage. 
I want you to have one too. 
So I touch the roses & kiss them... 
Before I put them together for you. 

Now wear this corsage that I send you... 
Wear it with all my love & your pride. 
For it comes from the bottom of my heart... 
Watered by the tears you've cried. 

Kaye Des'Ormeaux 
Copyright 2000 
Dedicated to Moms







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