Monday morning November 27, 2001...

Scott got his buck.

Scott got his deer in the woods behind our house.  

It has always been the tradition that the "guys" went hunting

there since Scott was old enough to hunt. They go out early, of

course always anticipating seeing the "big" buck.

They (Scott and his Dad) have been pretty lucky with getting their deer.  

Scott's deer this year has been the biggest that either of them have

ever gotten.

I stay in and cook "chili" or home made soup for the guys when they

come in for lunch.  They usually come in around 11:00 or 11:30 a.m.,

pretty cold. This year it wasn't that cold, and there was no

snow.  I looked out the window after hearing a shot, and just kept 

checking as usual. Then...I saw Scott...he looked like he was dragging

 something. I went out on the deck and hollered and sure enough

he had a "big" one.  Always excited about getting their deer, 

but always with a hint of sadness that we wouldn't see the

deer running anymore.



He is an 8 point buck...a real trophy.



Scott used his Grandpa's gun to get this majestic animal.

His Grandpa gave it to him before he went to heaven.



Congratulations Scott!




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