I hope that the following pages will bring back wonderful memories of Heidi. 

 And if you never got to meet Heidi, I hope you get to know the kind of 

person she was. I am honored to share my beautiful daughter's life with you. 

 Even though these pages could never come close to getting to know

 the "real" Heidi, I will try and capture just a part of how 

very special she was, and always will be. Her memory will never die.


I will update Heidi's pages frequently. 

Please visit again, and please remember Heidi.


I don't do Halloween pages for Heidi.

  All of the holidays are so very sad for us,

 but since Heidi left at Halloween...I really can't do a Halloween page.


These are web pages that I have done  for parents

 who would like to have a Memorial for their child.

 Its a very special part of Heidi's site.

I think that she would like that I am doing this

 to help other bereaved parents. I now have

 started making pages for others,

 and additional pages for those who want them...

to find out more, please go to

Judy's Web Site and Graphic Design

Plus information on me making you a special page.


Please scroll down and see Heidi's clock


Happy 34th Birthday Heidi


Remembering Heidi on her 12th Anniversary in Heaven


 Remembering Heidi at Christmas 2011


Remembering Heidi on her 11th Heaven Anniversary


Remembering Heidi on Her Birthday 2011


Remembering Heidi...Christmas 2010


Heidi In the Summertime





In Memory of Elvis


In Memory of Theodore


In Memory of Princess


Remembering Elvis Aaron Presley

I have always been such a big fan of Elvis Presley's

Heidi has just recently been added to Christian Memorials...the site is below:

In Memory of Heidi Reed at Christian Memorial Web Sites

In Memory Of Heidi Reed
Heidi Reed - I hope that the following pages will bring back wonderful memories of Heidi. And if you never got to meet Heidi, I hope you get to know the kind of person she was. I am honored to share my b...
1979 - 2000
21 years of age
The United States
I hope that the following pages will bring back wonderful memories of Heidi. And if you never got to meet Heidi, I hope you g...



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This is a page that I found that I had done

 on another site, and its really special to me:

 I made it the first Mothers Day without my Heidi.

Two Souls One Heart



One Year


      Heavenly Thoughts Of You


One Year Page 2


Memories of Scott and Heidi



  Gods Angels   


Wings Of Heidi


Forever and Ever


Light A Candle For Heidi


The Story Of Heidi


Heidi And Her Kitty's


When Tears Must Fall


Heidi In the Summertime



Tears On A Rose  

How Do We Say Goodbye?  

Heidi by Katia

A Tribute to Heidi

My Treasure Chest

Dedicated to Rose Mary and All of My Friends


It will never get easier for me


Heidi's Special Dance by Francine


Scott's Trophy Buck


Heidi by Rose Mary


Heidi and Kylene


I Miss My


Heidi's Angel Friends In Heaven


Imagining Horses by Morrigan


Year 3 - I Believe

Heidi and Princess together again  

Its been 4 years since the Angels came for Heidi


Signs from Heidi


Year 5...Who You'd Be Today

Heidi swims with the Dolphins in Heaven


Two Souls One Heart
(My first Mother's Day without Heidi)

5 Years Without Heidi...Who You'd Be Today


Heidi Swims with the dolphins 2

(completely redone)

I wrote this letter just several days after Heidi left us.
 Remembering Heidi in a letter



In Memory of Elvis



In Memory of Theodore 

In Memory of Princess



Heidi's 8th Anniversary in Heaven

9 years since you went away Heidi

Remembering Heidi on Her 10th Anniversary in Heaven

       Remembering Heidi on her 11th Heaven Anniversary






Christmas Memories 200

Thanksgiving 2001


Merry Christmas Heidi 200

Happy Mother's Day Mom


Merry Christmas  Heidi 2003

Happy Easter in Heaven Heidi


Merry Christmas in Heaven Heidi 2004


Happy 23rd Birthday Heidi


Merry Christmas Heidi 2005


Happy 24th  Birthday Dearest Heidi


Merry Christmas Heidi 2006


Happy 25th Birthday in Heaven Heidi March 19, 2004


Heidi's 7th Anniversary in Heaven

Happy 26th Birthday in Heaven Heidi



Merry Christmas Heidi 2007

Happy 27th Birthday in Heaven Heidi



Happy Thanksgiving Heidi 2008

Happy 28th Birthday in Heaven Heidi



Merry Christmas Heidi 2008

Happy 29th Birthday Dearest Heidi



   Happy Valentine's Day Heidi 2009

Happy 35th Birthday Scott...We Love You



  Happy 30th Birthday Sweet Heidi

Merry Christmas in Heaven Heidi 2009



Remembering Heidi...Christmas 2010

Remembering Heidi on Her Birthday 2011




     Happy 34th Birthday Heidi








This is a very special page to me. My dearest friend Rose Mary sent this page to me and she told me that Heidi inspired her to do this page for me. This is what she said..."Judy I know Heidi would be getting the best present ever for Mother's day for you ...  this is from Heidi to you honey...I know she would just love this and I had to do it.. I don't even know why... I think she gave me a nudge.. you were the best Mom to her and she still knows it and you will always be her Mom.. always." This page is so special and I can't look at it without crying, it touches my heart so. Thank you my dearest friend .



This page was made by a dear friend Valentyne Lang. Please look and then visit his site...its beautiful!

For Mom Dad, and Scott

The song on this page touches me so much.


This Beautiful Page was made by my friend Marceline Hill for me...it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you Marceline...from the bottom of my broken heart! The song on this page will touch your heart!

 Ten Thousand Angels For Judy Reed



Marcelline's Birthday pages  for Heidi. Marcelline even though in the midst of her moving to her new home, took time to make 2 pages for Heidi for her Birthday.

Happy Birthday Heidi 2007

Happy Birthday Heidi 2 from Marcelline 


Marcelline...my dear friend...thank you!

You have stuck by me...through thick and through thin...

Happy Mothers Day Mom 2007

Heidi's Special Dance from my dear friend Francine




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This is a very special award I received from my friend Marceline...

thanks so very much Marceline...it means so much

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The song on this page was played at Heidi's funeral...The Dance by Garth Brooks.

The background and some of the graphics on this page were made

 by my friend Rose Mary. 

Thank You Rose Mary...from the bottom of my broken heart.  


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