Always a smile on her face!


Shading the sun from her pretty face...or is she looking for something?




She got one!

Not a keeper...but cute!


This was in California...Heidi loved it there. I remember like it was yesterday.

Heidi loved to fish...She loved all water sports, and probably tried them all.

I think Heidi got one here.

I can't tell if she got one here, or that's the bait...I think she is laughing!

I remember this...Heidi and her girlfriend were fooling around in our back garden,

trying to take some glamorous shots...pretty good I would say.

Heidi loved to fish even when she was a little girl. She always loved the water.

One of her favorite things was to go fishing with her brother Scott, and her Daddy.

Heidi was a girl who loved everything that was out of doors.

She loved summer especially, when it was warm.

She loved sunsets, the water, camping, hiking, and feeling the warm sunshine beating down on her.

 She loved taking walks in our woods in the back of our house...she found peacefulness there.

She loved going to the peninsula we have here, and spending all of that time on the water.

We will never look at the sunshine, or the moon, or feel the warmth of a summer breeze, see a beautiful flower, or butterfly,

or look at the beautiful lakes, mountains, or oceans without remembering "Our Heidi".

 She was "Our Sunshine", and now She is "Our Brightest Star in the sky".

    Thank you for visiting... 

Paul & Judy

(Heidi's Mom & Dad Forever)





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