My Treasure Chest My Treasure Chest




I have a treasure chest...

it is one that Scott made me 

when he was still in high school.

I once kept special things in my special chest, 

but now it holds even more 

special things such as cards that

 you once gave me. Heidi. 

It holds pieces of clothing that you once wore,

pretty little dresses and outfits that I made for you,

little crayoned pictures you made when you

were in grade school.

These things I always kept because I

thought that maybe you would want them one day...

to share with your children.

I never would have thought in a

million years that I would

never be able to give them to you.

Now, I open the treasure chest, and hold the things

to my heart, and

I can feel you. I cry a billion tears...if not more.

I long to hold you and share with you

all the things we always dreamed of.

It is truly a treasure chest now. It

holds more riches than a chest of diamonds.

It holds treasures that can never ever

be replaced.  I hang tight to these memories...

in my special treasure chest.

Because I always have a piece of you...a memory...

a beautiful memory to hold close to my heart.


Memories, such memories
They filter through my mind.
Each as clear as crystal,
Each one so sublime.
Days of Joy and laughter
Filled with such delight,
Memories of happy times 
Before you left my life.

Now the pain they bring me
Causes tears to come.
I can not escape from them
There is no place to run.
This is all that's left to me,
As now I sit alone,
Memories of Yesterday
When you and I were one.

You are gone my Sweetheart
Leaving me behind.
Why did I lose my daughter,
What sin did I commit?
These terrible questions come to me
While quietly I sit.
I can not turn away from... then,
I know inside I must.

Yet memories inside of me
I will never let go.
I know somewhere your happy
Your life is now complete
I know that angels keep you 
No pain for you to feel.
That is my only peace now
The knowledge deep inside.
You've found a place to go
Where you will always smile.

~author unknown~

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This animation made by Heidi's brother, Scott.

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